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E2E Financial Provides Speedy Solutions for Personal, Business, Construction and Commercial Financing and Loans!

Satpaul Saroya - E2E Financial Solutions Mississauga

About E2E Financial...

Satpaul Saroya

President of E2E Financial Solutions

I’ve been a professional Financial Consultant since 2002. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.

Satpaul Saroya has been helping his clients succeed for over 15 years. If you’re looking for a small business loan, some working capital, a commercial or residential mortgage, or construction financing, Satpaul knows how to get things done. Working collaboratively, Satpaul believes in transparency and consistency, gaining an industry-wide reputation for finding fast, simple and secure financial solutions where others have failed.


Want to learn more?  Contact me today for an initial consultation.

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Small Business Loans

For financing between $50,000 and $1,000,000.

Construction Financing

For Equity Loans and  Builder Financing 


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Different Financing Options Available For Your Small Business 


Based in Mississauga and servicing small business loans in the GTA, in Ontario and throughout Canada, Satpaul and E2E Financial facilitate fast, easy financing. Together with you Satpaul and his team will:


  • Walk you through the small business loans application process

  • Assist with securing a business line of credit

  • Help to arrange equity loans and builder financing

  • Work with lenders to arrange commercial or residential mortgages 

  • And more……..

Whether you’re located in the GTA, throughout Ontario or even across the country, if it’s a first time loan or you need a business line of credit, E2E streamlines the application process. Satpaul believes in the power of a positive mindset and has used this positivity to fuel his success, fostering what he calls “partnerships with a purpose” to ensure his clients are approved for the financing solutions that best meet their needs. 


Satpaul is your dedicated financial consultant, helping bridge the gap between small business loans and credit/financing requests and the qualified lenders who can help you succeed. He does this by ensuring you have all the required paperwork, understand credit, cash flow and collateral and provides access to all the information you’ll ever need to help find the right financial solution for you and your business. 
















How committed to you is E2E Financial? Satpaul Saroya provides a FREE one hour, no obligation consultation, for folks looking for a commercial loan anywhere in the country. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact Satpaul at E2E today for your chance to talk about your future financial freedom! You supply the hard work, enthusiasm and business skills – we’ll provide the connections, the credit applications expertise and the cash flow financing opportunities.

Business Loans, Small Business Loans, Financing in the GTA, in Ontario AND across CANADA


Looking for a business loan? E2E Financial Solutions offers one stop shopping for small business loans of $50,000 to as much as $1,000,000 dollars. Start up business loans in Ontario have a wide variety of options to choose from and E2E helps narrow down the application process by aligning your loan request with the specific funding source best suited to meet both your needs and expectations. 


The paperwork can seem overwhelming but not with the help of E2E Financial. Satpaul guarantees a small business loan application process that is easy to complete and where 95% of applicants are approved. Whether it’s a first time loan application, for those with security, or your circumstances are a bit more complicated, if you’re located anywhere across Canada Satpaul and the E2E team will help you navigate the process. 

Business Loans are ideal for when:

  • Business is a little slow and you could use some help to bridge the gap or you need help to establish a line of credit.

  • You need to complete some renovations, don’t have the upfront cash but you do have a solid plan for future growth!

  • You require a cash influx to help manage payroll costs, unforeseen expenses, and even the rent.

  • It’s time to expand and invest in your continued success!


If you’re looking for unique financial solutions for your small business – whether that’s a small business loan or you just need some working capital, regardless of where you’re located, E2E Financial can help.

Construction Loans and Financing throughout the GTA and across the Province of Ontario!

Construction financing is unique. You need cash flow for land purchases, for equipment and machinery, onsite builds and more – and you need it now before a shovel ever hits the ground. For construction loans and financing in the GTA or across the Province of Ontario, you need to build trusted relationships with lenders willing to work with your business over the long term. 


Building these kinds of trusted partnerships is what E2E Financial Solutions does best. We’ve concentrated our efforts throughout Ontario on sourcing and maintaining solid relationships with specialized lenders in the construction industry. Variations to borrowing in this field are many and include: 


  • Some construction loans that might offer interest only payments during the construction phase.


  • Other types of loans that can be used to acquire and develop land for residential and commercial projects.


Rest assured Satpaul Saroya sources only the best potential workable solutions to fit your budget, your expectations, and that help you to meet all lender qualifications. 


Our application process is simple, fast and easy to use and available now online, providing enough information to get the conversation started. *Click here* then contact us today.

























Business Line of Credit

You need money and we know how to find it. If you’re in the market for a small business loan, a business line of credit or have specific financing requirements such as import financing, the E2E team located in Mississauga, Ontario can make it happen. Working with lenders and small business owners locally AND across the country, Satpaul Saroya will negotiate – acting as your financial consultant – throughout the process of securing your business a line of credit. 

If you need financing:

  • To insure your receivables against unforeseen circumstances. 

  • To help purchase inventory or cover import costs.

  • For a line of credit to help manage operational expenses.

  • To cover contractor purchase orders. 

  • For help with paying short-term debts.


E2E Financial Succeeds Where Others Fail!

A business line of credit is used to cover expenses and is the difference between your current assets and your current liabilities. Obtain customized, innovative financing solutions that will increase the capacity for your small business to succeed by working with E2E Financial. Ask us how today!

Commercial and Residential Mortgages 

Saving you time, money AND stress, E2E Financial Solutions scours the marketplace across the GTA and in some cases, across the country too in order to find the very best mortgage rates, products, terms and services – meaning you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking for a commercial property mortgage, investment property financing or a residential mortgage on your family home, Satpaul Saroya guarantees trusted, professional support from the start of the application process to the time of approval. 


E2E is the perfect matchmaker between homebuyers and mortgage lenders. Here are just some of the details we can help take care of for you:


  • Arrange for pre approvals.

  • Assist with mortgage renewals, switching lenders and mortgage transfers.

  • Investment Property Financing.

  • Vacation Home Mortgages. *There are important differences between investment properties, vacation homes and principal place of residence. We’ll help you to understand everything you need to know!

  • H.E.L.O.C. Mortgages – ask us!



More on Commercial Mortgages


Find out how to get approved for a commercial mortgage, the minimum down payment requirements, what the difference is between a business partnership, a limited company or an incorporated company and learn about collateral. Regardless of where you want to buy, we help you get approved – in the GTA, in Ontario and anywhere across CANADA! 


More about Residential Mortgages


Ask us about conventional mortgages including fixed rate and variable rate mortgages and everything you need to know about how to qualify for a residential mortgage. Let’s talk about credit scores and your credit history along with how to take care of “bruised credit” and how to improve your credit scores. For more information on mortgages, simply click on our contact us page and fill out your information for a free, no risk conversation about how we can help you obtain a favourable rate with a qualified lending institution.
























How do I qualify for financing?


In most circumstances you can expect to be asked to have a good, solid credit history combined with a decent amount of personal net worth. We can help establish what those numbers look like for you on an individual case by case basis. Typically, you will also be expected to contribute about 30% of the project costs. If you fall outside of those parameters, we should still talk. There might be other circumstances where we can still obtain the financial support you seek. See some of the answers to other FAQ’s for more information!

How quickly can I secure financing?


If you’re looking for help FAST, we can usually arrange financing within 4-6 weeks of receiving all your completed documentation! Our process is streamlined, easy to access and starts with an application already online on our website. E2E specializes in fast, simple and straightforward financing solutions for people just like you. Call us today.

How to apply for a commercial loan, whether you need it in the GTA or across the country?


The process isn’t complicated and we are here to help! We offer a one hour free, no obligation consultation to help guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you to understand the various products available, the credit application process and help with the loan package preparation process. Business loans and commercial property loans can be arranged throughout Canada, all from our central offices in Mississauga. Help is just a phone call away and it’s FREE!*

How to apply for a residential loan in the GTA and throughout ONTARIO?


Call or visit us at our offices in Mississauga and we’ll help you to complete the mortgage application. E2E Financial will pre-qualify your application and let you know ahead of time the approximate amount of the maximum loan amount you can expect to receive. In this current fast-paced real estate market, you need to know what finances you have to work with and we’ll help you through the pre-qualification process! This service is available across the Province of Ontario.

How to apply for a small business loan in the GTA, or ANYWHERE across CANADA?


Your best bet is to first CONTACT US! Complete our personal “Net Worth” forms in as much detail as possible and provide us the details on the business you plan to start. Let’s talk about how much you are planning to invest in the business and we’ll let you know the size of the loan you will qualify for. Yes, it’s that simple – talk to us FIRST for FAST information on small business loans throughout the GTA and even across the country. 


What if I am a new Canadian?


Welcome to Canada! Our team will help you through the process of establishing a credit rating here in your new home. We’ll walk you through the different loan products that are available in the Canadian banking system and explain how they work. We can help prepare you to qualify for a business loan, a residential mortgage and more. Call or visit E2E Financial today. 


What if I have a bad credit rating or no previous (or Canadian) credit score or rating?


The good news is we can help! Satpaul Saroya and the team at E2E Financial can help to re-establish your credit rating OR, if you have no Canadian credit experience, help you establish a Canadian credit rating. In even better news – these services are FREE of CHARGE! 

No credit? Bad Credit? We can help! 


I’m looking for a “no money down” loan. Can you help?


Every once in awhile we are met with a challenge we can’t help you with. If you’re looking for a “no money down” kind of loan the short answer is “No.” We know some furniture stores offer “no money down” scenarios for buying a couch or TV but if you’re looking for financing, you’ll need to be prepared to commit some of your own funds. The good news is – we can help you figure out what that amount is and help you to budget, guide you through the application process and source the best opportunities for lenders that will help finance your dream! 


I just need short-term financing. Does E2E provide this service?


Yes we do! We are able to provide short-term financing solutions for many situations. Before we do, we’ll go through the process of analyzing your current financial situation and determine the best available loan products and/or short-term financing solutions to meet your immediate needs. Wherever you are, we have you covered and your best interests in mind. 


What’s the difference between a fixed and variable rate mortgage?


We’d be happy to chat with you in our Mississauga offices, or by phone anytime about everything you need to know on interest rates, fixed and variable mortgages. In the meantime, here’s the short answer: A variable rate means a rate that fluctuates with the prime rate, a rate that is set by the Bank of Canada. From time to time, the Bank of Canada changes the prime rate keeping in view such factors as the inflation rate and the GDP of our country. A fixed mortgage rate on the other hand is, as the name implies, unchanging. It is always higher than the variable rate but comes with the predictability of a rate that stays the same, throughout the prescribed term of your loan or mortgage – whether that’s 3, 5, 10 or even 25 years. For folks who have no stomach for market volatility, a fixed rate provides peace of mind, knowing what you will  pay for the foreseeable future regardless of market conditions. We’ll work together with you to help determine your tolerance level for shifting markets and loan or mortgage rates. Then – we’ll partner with the lender that best suits your needs and expectations. 

*First one hour consultation with Satpaul Saroya by phone or in person is free. For more details on what follows including any fees from lenders, talk to the team at E2E Financial.

About Me

Satpaul Saroya is a married father of two sons both of whom are currently attending University. He is a Financial Services Underwriter with a Post-Graduate Diploma and over 15 years in the industry “problem solving” for clients who need cash now! 

Together with his family, Satpaul is a proud supporter of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children known as SickKids, and regularly donates blood through the Canadian Red Cross. He believes not only in doing well for his clients but in doing good things for the community! 

Welcome to Canada!


You’ve made a bold decision and moved your family to one of the best countries in the world! Welcome to our diverse, multi-cultural and beautiful country. Whether you followed your dreams, your family or just hope to start anew – Satpaul Saroya and the team at E2E Financial Solutions can help you succeed in your new home. 


Starting over can be challenging but we have the tools you need to succeed. Book a one hour FREE consultation with us to learn how you can leverage your past financial history to gain a Canadian credit rating and start working towards your future – Now! 

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What’s Being Said

If you need funding for a new business or to expand, these are the guys.They just get it done

Thank you Paul and  E2E Financial for helping me get the right mortgage for my home.  Professional and timely,

Casey Johnson

Paul and the team at E2E are a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and made informed suggestions based on your situation. Very happy with the service provided.

Robbie White

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