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Small Business Loans 

Business Loans and Merchant Financing

Business Loans and Merchant Financing in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA.


Your business has busy seasons, slow seasons, and times when you have to make a significant investment to compete for customers.  And, in those times you need money to cover the costs of staff, supplies, rent, marketing or a renovation or a move.


Whatever the reason you need a cash influx, we’ll help you determine which funding option is the best fit for you.

How We Can Help Fund Your Dream!


E2E Financial ….

  • Streamlines the small business loans applications process.

  • Accesses different funding sources for entrepreneurs so you can expand your small business.

  • Provides financial services and small business loans in Mississauga, the GTA and all across Ontario.

  • Obtains small business loans for both new start-ups and established businesses looking to expand.

  • Services a broad variety of industry from Medical, Dental and Massage Therapy to Construction, Retail and Transportation/Logistics


If you need a loan, our dedicated team believes in “partnerships with a purpose” and will help you access the right type of small business loan you need to succeed. We don’t just arrange small business loans we’ll help you with:


  1. Business plans 

  2. Long term planning and business projections 

  3. Helping you understand fixed and variable costs 

  4. Obtaining all required business licensing and registration 


E2E does all of this for FREE! If you have the dream but don’t know how to move it forward – E2E Financial can help you get started with a small business loan. 


Are you a small business in Ontario? Are you a start up looking for funding? 

If you are a legally operating small business in Ontario, or looking to start a new business, in Mississauga, the GTA or throughout the Province of Ontario, we arrange small business loans to help you obtain the capital you need. Whether you need office furniture, computers and technology and/or networking and IT equipment or need to renovate the space you’ve secured to start your small business, we specialize in small business loans that will help you launch your dream.


Even building new units, investing in medical equipment and technology – whatever you need, with a small business plan, your dreams and our expertise – we facilitate access to funding that will help you start or grow your business.


What kind of small business loan is available to me and how much money can I borrow?

E2E Financial helps clients access any amount from small business loans up to $350,000 without a real estate investment or up to $1 million dollars if you’re planning to purchase real estate assets as part of your business plan. 

These loans are insured UP TO 75% by the Government of Canada and are offered through the initiative “Canada Small Businesses Funding Program.” Many of our clients include:


  • Hair Stylists and Salon Owners

  • Massage Therapists and RMT’s looking to start their own Massage Therapy or Wellness Clinic

  • Dentists and/or Dental Hygienists

  • Chiropractors 

  • Physiotherapists

  • Family Physicians


In other words, whether you are a licensed medical professional, a skilled tradesperson or a small business offering a unique and specialized service that requires start-up capital for medical or other specialized equipment, you might qualify for a small business loan through this program. 


Who Can Benefit from a Small Business Loan?

In addition to the businesses listed above, if you are located in Mississauga, the GTA or throughout Ontario and currently operate or are looking to launch a small business in Ontario, AND you have some of your own funds to invest, you might benefit from this small business loan program. Here’s a sample list of other types of businesses we can help but if you don’t see your business here – simply call or email us to find out if you too might qualify:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Information Technology

  • Transportation and/or Logistics Companies

  • Independent Grocers / Specialized Food Services  (Butchers, Seafood, Cheese, Halal, Vegetarian)

  • Restaurants

  • Nail Salon and Spas

  • Farming Operations 


Securing a small business loan, whether you need $100,000 or $1,000,000 takes time and paperwork. For example, you’ll need a business plan. Maybe you don’t have the expertise to put a business plan together or English is your second language and you need some help completing the paperwork? Maybe you are a new Canadian and not familiar with Canadian banking, accounting and loan systems? E2E Financial has been helping small business applicants obtain small business loans for over 15 years. 


A Case Study in How We Can Help You……


We recently worked with a client who was a medical professional with good credit but who was unsure how to proceed with establishing their dream of opening a new medical clinic. By working together with us, we helped this highly experienced health care professional to leverage both their vast professional expertise AND their unknown potential assets.


While this individual had some outstanding issues with their initial investments, by working closely with the team at E2E Financial, we were able to help them unlock liquid cash from various assets, enabling them to easily qualify for a small business loan! In short, we know where to look and how to access the resources you need! Contact us today for other examples of how we’ve helped folks “find money” and put us to work for you.


Get Started or Expand With Us


Start-up or expand your business with the financial help of an expert, Satpaul Saroya. We assist clients daily with finding a lender that provides small business loans for people just like you. Whether you’re located in Mississauga, Brampton, Halton Hills – anywhere in the GTA – or anywhere in Ontario, we’ll help you obtain the small business loan that’s right for you. We’ve developed secure, long-standing relationships with a variety of lending institutions linking folks with stable credit histories AND those with bruised credit scores to the financing they need. We work with accredited institutions including banks and credit unions and with private lenders too.


How Do I Qualify for a Small Business Loan?


Let us explain, in person or over the phone, how this program works and how you can benefit from the Canada Small Business Funding Programme with help from the team at E2E Financial. With our FREE, expert advice and consultation, we’ll ensure access to available small business financing for those who qualify. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • You should have a reasonable credit score, generally considered to be a credit score of more than 680. Not only does E2E help you understand credit scores and what they mean to obtaining financing, we can also help clients improve credit scores that need rehabilitation or learn how experiences outside of Canada may help them to establish a credit score here in Ontario.

  • If your credit score isn’t the best, don’t worry! We have experience working with individuals on a case by case basis, helping people to build back their credit score. That means “subpar” credit doesn’t necessarily exclude you from obtaining funding. Regardless of your credit score, call us to discuss how our services might still help you! 

  • Clients should be prepared to invest some of their own funds in their small business. That just makes sense – it’s your dream so you should be ready, willing and able to invest some of your own capital in the venture! For example, to obtain a small business loan, you should anticipate having to invest approximately 30% of the total cost of setting up your new business. To find out more about small business loans for enhancing and expanding your business, contact us directly.

  • If both you and your lender are investing in your dream – you should have some EXPERIENCE that’s relevant to the industry you’re seeking a loan/financing for. Industry knowledge and experience will be considered an asset during the loans application process. 

  • One FINAL point we’d like to re-emphasize – a good credit score is going to significantly help you throughout the applications process and WILL reduce loan application times so if you’ve got good credit – we can help and it won’t take long. But no matter what – you should call the team at E2E Financial because chances are, even with bruised credit we can still help you access the money you need to finance your dreams! 


How Can I Obtain a Small Business Loan When I Don’t Know WHERE to Start?

As your dedicated financial consultant, Satpaul Saroya helps bridge the gap between those who seek a small business loan and the qualified lenders who have funds available to support your new start-up or growing small business. E2E Financial specializes in working together with business owners to ensure they have all the required paperwork, to educate clients on topics such as “the Three C’s” - understanding credit, cash flow and collateral and in how to obtain required business licenses.


If you are unsure about the costs of starting a new business, don’t have enough liquid assets to inject as your part of the investment in your small business or you aren’t quite sure about terms liked fixed and variable costs, that’s what we are here for. E2E Financial will put together a business plan for you and help with the planning and projections process so that you, and your financial lender know and understand everything you need to obtain the required cash flow now and to help plan for your successful future too. 


If you’re looking for a small business loan to start-up or expand your new business, trust the professionals at E2E Financial. Working together with a variety of lenders, we help business to obtain financing with our FREE consultation service linking our prospective clients with the right professional supports.


Our offices are based in Mississauga but we can help clients looking for financing, small business loans and start-up investment funds in Mississauga, throughout the GTA and across Ontario. Ask us how we can help fund your dream with a small business loan from one hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars!  

Easy to Apply with Quick

Approval Turnaround

95% of applications

are approved

Get loans for $50,0000 to 

$1,000,000 approved

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