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You DO have a Choice! Choosing the Right Financing Option: For You, For Your Budget and For Your Bus

You DO have a Choice! Choosing the Right Financing Option: For You, For Your Budget and For Your Bus

For many folks, when they start the process of seeking financing, whether that’s for a home renovation, to expand a business, or you’re about to undertake a construction project, They may be tempted to think financing options are somewhat limited. Thinking of financing beyond the traditional banking system either doesn’t occur to some borrowers or perhaps folks think there’s some kind of a “catch,” or that they will have to pay more in fees and interest charges. The truth is, nothing could be farther from the truth - that is – that you DO have options. Choosing the right financing option that suits you, your budget and your business is something the team at E2E Financial are experts at. Let’s talk about how to choose the right financing option for YOU.

Different banks and lending institutions have a variety of different policies when it comes to financing options. Amounts of financing available also vary widely. Here are just a few of the key topics we’ll walk through together when you call or visit the E2E team:

Available Financing Options:

  • Debt Financing

  • Business Financing

  • Equity Financing

  • Small Business Financing

  • Equipment Financing

  • Personal Investments

  • And more….

Available Financing Sources:

  • Traditional Lending Institutions such as Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • Government Financing and/or Government Grants and Subsidies

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Angel Investors

  • Online Platforms and Online Lenders

  • Business Incubators

  • Crowdfunding

  • And more…..

If we were to include all of the available options here and/or go in to a great amount of detail on this blog, you’d still be reading it several days from now! What IS important, is to know that you do have options and that the team at E2E are poised and ready to help you understand what those options are. Taking some time to explore the best fit for you or your business helps to alleviate any stress you might be feeling about your financing options. To help guide you, here is just one example, focusing strictly on business financing, that we’ll share with you today, to help give you some guidance about what to expect when looking for the right financing option.

What to Expect:

Generally you can expect that any financing option will want to see your business plan and that this plan should include the market opportunity you are addressing, an evaluation of the current market and anticipated future market. Whether it’s a bank or an “angel” investor, they’ll be looking for your passion and commitment to the project and realistic expectations for the return on their investment. Traditional lenders might offer a small business loan or a small business line of credit, the latter being something that provides more flexibility in terms of variable cash flow needs.

Working capital or accounts receivable loans are sometimes available for established businesses that have equity and that are secured against that available equity. You’ll need current financial statements, a listing of assets available to you and if applicable, proof of employment as other examples of what you’ll need to have available. These are just some of your key considerations but we invite you to call or email us to discuss the financing options that are right for you and what you’ll need to know in order to obtain financing.

At E2E we have the tools, the connections and the resources to match you, your business and your financing needs with the lending option that’s right for you. To claim that we help engineer tailor made financing options is not a stretch! We offer free consultations. Our application forms are available online on our website. It’s that simple – visit us, download the application phone or call us for a free conversation to discuss the right financing options for you and/or your business.

Succeeding Together:

E2E Financial Provides Speedy Solutions for Personal, Business, Construction and Commercial Financing and Loans!

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