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Get the Facts at E2E Financial Solutions! Succeeding Together With Satpaul Saroya

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

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Time to Refinance? Need a Residential Mortgage? Get the Facts at E2E Financial Solutions! Succeeding Together with Satpaul Saroya

When it seems like there’s no solution on the horizon and you need financial help in a hurry, let Satpaul Saroya and the E2E team, work together with you as your financial solutions partner! With more than 18 years in the business, supporting the Mississauga and GTA areas, and a philosophy of collaboration and trust, we forge partnerships between clients and lenders that are mutually beneficial. The E2E team are experts at getting things done; fast, efficiently, cost-effectively and with your satisfaction top of mind. Succeeding together with you is my number one goal whether you need business help, a residential mortgage, residential refinancing or structured refinancing. We serve clients throughout the GTA and are based in Mississauga for all your local Mississauga residential mortgage needs. But first, there are a few things you should know about the process so you can be prepared. This handy list of top tips should help!

Residential Mortgages - What you NEED to know:

You have options! Traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions might work for your situation, even if you are a newcomer to Canada or self-employed. Sometimes these channels can present a challenge but with adequate preparation and all the right paperwork, a residential mortgage through a traditional lending source is possible. That’s because at E2E we walk you through every step of the process from beginning to end, matching your mortgage needs with the type of lender that best matches your budget, expectations and specific requirements. We also work with a wide variety of lending sources throughout Mississauga and the GTA, addition to all the major “big banks” in order to ensure you get what you need. We don’t have a favourite lender - our favourite is the one that’s right for you!

What IS a residential mortgage?

A residential mortgage is a large, long-term loan, taken out by one or several individuals who are buying a home for the purposes of living in it as their primary residence. Residential loans are not for income properties where you plan on having tenants.

There are several types of residential mortgages including: Fixed rate, Variable, Open and Closed Mortgages, Convertible mortgages and High-Ratio Mortgages too. They sometimes go by other names depending on the financial institution you’re working with. We’ll blog on all the various types of mortgages over the coming weeks but for now, we share this important fact: An open mortgage is one that can be repaid at any time throughout its term with no early payment penalty. This is an option that certainly provides a great deal of flexibility if that’s what you’re looking for.

At E2E, we specialize in helping:

  • Newcomers to Canada, especially those looking for a residential mortgage in the GTA

  • Families with minimal down payment - providing options with down payments as low as 5%

  • Working professionals whether you’re self- employed or in a traditional full time job.

  • Folks who need a little extra help as a result of a bad credit rating or a recently discharged bankruptcy. In fact, with me in your corner, “Poor Credit is No Problem!”

  • We work together with a variety of lenders and available interest rates are currently as low as 1.35%!

Like I said earlier, that means you have options. I’d be happy to talk more about residential mortgages or residential refinancing, anytime, even if you’re looking for help with pre-approvals, cash-back mortgage options and more, I’m just a phone call, text or email away!


If refinancing is what you need right now, the E2E Financial Solutions team has you covered. There are any number of reasons people need to refinance and not all of them have to do with bad debt or poor credit. Perhaps you are thinking about the future and your children’s education? Maybe you’d like to help a family member finance their dreams but need a little extra cash to do so. Whatever your reasons for refinancing we offer fast turnaround times and a virtually 95% guaranteed approval rate! If you have outstanding debt at a high rate of interest, refinancing to obtain the best interest rate possible just makes good sense and will free up extra cash for you to use for personal and family expenses. Whether you live in Mississauga or the GTA area, E2E has a track record of obtaining loan values as high as 80% if that’s what you need and just like our residential mortgage work, we can say with confidence, “Poor Credit is No Problem!”

I’m Satpaul Saroya and succeeding together with you is what makes me happiest. I take great pride in assisting my clients with all their financial needs. Working capital for small business, residential mortgages, refinancing options, repairing bad credit, and even the specific financing needs of the construction industry are all part of the E2E portfolio.

Ask the experts at E2E Financial - “We have Solutions to help you Succeed!”

Serving Mississauga and the GTA – Hamilton through to Ajax and beyond!

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12 nov 2021

Satpaul was able to get us a mortgage, even as an entrepreneur. If it wasn't for that house, we would never be where we are today...I recommend him to everyone that needs a mortgage.

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