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Build Your Dream With Help From E2E Financial Solutions' Construction Financing

Build Your Dream With Help From E2E Financial Solutions' Construction Financing

You have a dream and we have the team – a team of financial experts that will help take your vision from dream to reality. Whatever it is you want to build, from a home to a new small business enterprise or even a major building condominium or retail development opportunity, we offer financing service options that meet the unique needs of the construction industry. If you’re looking to build your dream, look to E2E Financial for help!

What is a Construction Loan and Why is it so Unique?

Typical loans by financial institutions are based on both the amount you personally have to invest (downpayment) and the value of the property for which you are requesting the loan. In the simplest of terms, if you are looking for a loan to buy a home, the bank expects you to contribute a portion and uses the value of the home to secure the loan meaning if you default on payments they will seize and sell the asset (the home.) But what happens when there is no home to sell? When it comes to new construction you need money before a shovel ever hits the ground and that’s what makes the process so unique because your lender is taking an additional risk during the construction phase of the project.

Do I need a downpayment on construction financing?

As with any loan, you will be expected to contribute some of your own money to the project. Typically, lenders are looking for between a 20 – 30% commitment from you. At E2E Financial, one of our specialties is having developed excellent lender relationships with a variety of service providers who offer different types of construction financing options. Just like each construction project is unique, so too are the lenders who help build them. By cultivating and maintaining great relationships E2E is able to secure financing for your dream when others can’t.

How much money is available for a construction loan in Ontario?

Because we work with a variety of lenders and know what is available through government programs and services, we can access the right loan for your needs at favourable repayment and interest terms. Commercial projects are, by nature, large undertakings and we can help source “interest only” repayment terms during the construction phase and regularly help clients obtain loans between $50,000 and up to $1,000,000. These amounts are easily approved for qualified investors, using our fast, simple and transparent applications process, available to you online through our website. Click Here

Whether you need an:

  • Equity Loan

  • Land Purchase Financing

  • Site Development Financing


Our team can help you build your dream where others have failed. With the right paperwork, a commitment from you, and working together with the partnerships we’ve forged over 15 years in the financial industry, we have an enviable track record with over 95% of applications completed with E2E Financial approved! Collaboration, transparency and consistency are what you can expect from Satpaul Saroya, President of E2E Financial and servicing the GTA and the Province of Ontario.

Succeeding Together:

E2E Financial Provides Speedy Solutions for Personal, Business, Construction and Commercial Financing and Loans!

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