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How To Apply For A Business Loan With Help From E2E Financial Solutions!

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Financing your Start-up Small Business Dream -

How to Apply for a Business Loan with help from E2E Financial!

You have the relative industry experience and you have a dream. You want to own your own small business. Does this sound like you? If you answered yes, but you’re wondering about what comes next, we can help. If you’re in the province of Ontario, whether you need a small business loan of up to $350,000 without investing in real estate or even up to $1 million WITH an investment in real estate assets, Satpaul Saroya can help dreamers with a decent credit score and approximately 30% of the total start up costs to get a small business loan in Ontario. You have the dream let E2E, and the Canada Small Business Funding Program, help you with financing it!

Who Can Benefit?

A small business loan in Ontario can be of benefit to just about any type of business. First though, you must be a NEW business and you must be a registered legal business in the province.

Starting any new venture is hard work. There are many factors to consider that you may not have thought about and that’s why we offer our guidance to prospective clients free of cost, by partnering you with the professionals that can best support you. Here’s a small list of clients we work with but if you don’t see your business listed here, just pick up the phone and call us for a chat:

Health Care Including:

§ Family Physicians

§ Dentists and/or Dental Hygienists

§ Chiropractors

§ Registered Massage Therapists

§ Physiotherapists

Other Professional Services Including:

§ Transportations and Logistics Professionals

§ Manufacturing or IT Companies

§ Personal Care Services like Nail Salons, Hair Stylists and Spa Services

§ Construction Industry

§ Food Services including restaurants, grocery stores and small businesses catering to specific markets

How We Can Help:

As we said at the start of this blog, it may be that you have a dream, some available money and the expertise but not the time or the ability to navigate the process for obtaining a start-up small business loan in Ontario. That’s where we come in because at E2E Financial, we do! We can help you with:

§ Understanding total costs related to starting a small business

§ Our extensive knowledge related to fixed vs. variable costs

§ Legal responsibilities you’ll encounter with registering for a business licence

§ Addressing appropriate accounting software systems you’ll need moving forward

Using The Money:

Typically, funds invested in small business loans by the government are used for such purposes as:

§ Buying equipment

§ Office furniture

§ Computers, IT and networking expenses

§ Renovations

Next Steps – The Good News!

The Canada Small Business Funding Program is available to support you with up to 75% of your small business loan being insured by this program. If you have a credit rating of at least 680+ and about 30% of the expected total costs of setting up your business, this program may be ideal of you. Put your business experience and expertise to work for YOUR own benefit not someone else. We’ll help with the details, assisting with free services like creating a business plan, outlining projections, solid advice and by fostering connections with the right professionals who can support your dreams.

Ask the experts at E2E Financial Solutions- “We have Solutions to help you Succeed!”

Serving Mississauga and the GTA – Hamilton through to Ajax and beyond!

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Pramod R. Sami
Pramod R. Sami
02 cze 2021

The e2efianncial solutions program is undoubtedly the best Business Potion that which allows encompassing the overall needs of small-mid size businesses, while extending customizable quotient and action-oriented business plans delivering results at the fastest pace. Paul has been diligent enough in custom tailoring Business Drafts that suit the firms to sustain in the long run with effectively delivering sizable results in record time.

His role in the capacity of a Business Executive has disseminated operational excellence that in turn had let the momentum in the line of businesses thrive by a factor of ten, Especially improving efficiency, agility, and productivity in the Start-Ups. I am highly confident of the results driven program and would allow the needy to flourish i…


Tiger Virk
Tiger Virk
01 cze 2021

Great info. But what and how much money needed for it?


Olga Baldin
Olga Baldin
01 cze 2021

Wonderful program! Paul is an excellent professional, with many years of experience! He has a complete understanding of the financial needs of his clients and provides them with solutions they are looking for. I am sure many small business owners would wish to use this opportunity to obtain the necessary funding for their startups, and become successful with Paul's help.

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